Thursday, 27 August 2015

Human brain

The fascinating facts of human brain that you might not have known before.
In a small space called head, brain rests in it although it is floating in the fluid. The reason for floatation is  that brain can't stand its own weight and gets deformed when placed on the surface. The fluid in which it floats acts as a shock absorber to keep it safe. It is the cpu of human body which uses 40% of total body's energy consumed and it needs more oxygen than any other organ of body.
Whatever we eat, the nutrition is primarily supplied to brain and then to other parts. The first organ to get nutrition.
It works 24*7*365 without fail, many of us come up with the common misconception that brain is more active in day rather than in night. Actually, they all get it wrong. During night, brain has to work hard i.e it restores and deletes and selecting memory that is of great importance, it regulates dreams, most important function is to get the damaged muscles and cells repaired. Sleep deprived people get into worse conditions. The result of it is no work is done near perfection as they do when they had proper sleep even chances of making error increases. The main motive of sleep is also to maintain circadian rhythm of body.
One more fact: The temperature of brain increases by 1°C after every 5 minutes which may cause a great damage to brain so to protect it a 15000 km of nerves network is laid out through out the brain.

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